Ghost Wheels

Slow Speed Stability Systems for Honda Gold Wings 1500 & 1800 Motorcycles. Handle the big bikes without losing the motorcycle feel that got you started in the first place.

Do you have a hard time handling your big bike at slow speed?

Thinking about a trike?

Do you wish there was an alternative to the expense of a trike?

Are you hesitating because you love the feel of carving corners?

For about half the cost of most full trike conversions we offer the best of both worlds.

Retract-A-Trike offers slow speed stability and high-speed maneuverability.

From secure to carving corners in seconds!

Download the Retract-a-Trike brochure.

Trike Alternatives manufactures Retract-A-Trike for the Honda Gold Wing 1500 and 1800.

  • Flip the switch up - the wheels rise to provide a two-wheel ride.
  • Flip the switch down - the wheels lower to provide the stability of a trike.
  • Activation of the system is not possible above approximately 18 mph to avoid accidental trike mode. Most riders don’t want to take a trike fast into the corners!
  • The system adds about 85 lbs to your bike and is 55” wide for the 1500 and 50” on the 1800. The wheels are 3.50/4.10 and are readily available at just about any trailer parts store.
  • Uses existing connection points.
  • No frame modifications.
  • Cosmetic changes only (side cover, heat shield and a few holes for hoses and wiring).
  • Wheels line up with rear axle to avoid the problems the bolt-on trike kits have.
  • There is a visible and audible warning if the switch gets toggled inadvertently

Price List

Retract-A-Trike for Honda Goldwing GL1500 and GL1800 Models

Base price for Retract-A-Trike $5,995.00

Includes Color-Matched Paint (except illusion colors)

Shipping via UPS $150.00

Ships pre-assembled in 2 boxes weighing 45 lbs each


  • Removable Knuckles (Removable wheel arms) $250.00
  • Allows Wheels on both sides to be removed with 1 Bolt and 1 Nut on each side.
  • LED Dimmer $69.00 Allows the brightness of the LED's to be turned down for night riding.
  • Illusion Colors - Up charge $750.00
  • Pin striping and two-tone fenders CALL
Retract-a-trike Trike Alternative

Prices must be quoted.

Powder coat with unpainted fenders -$200.00

We use silver powder coat on the 1800 and black on the 1500, and customer can paint their own fender.

Retract-A-Trike FAQs

Does Retract-A-Trike change the way my bike handles?

When the stabilization wheels are down your bike will handle like a trike - you have to steer or move the handlebars in the direction you want to go. This is referred to as “Trike Mode”. When the wheels are up your bike will handle the way you are used to, leaning to turn, counter steering, etc. This is referred to as “Bike Mode”.

Does Retract-A-Trike work automatically?

No, everyone rides differently. The driver controls Retract-A-Trike. You may not want to put the wheels down at every stop. You cannot put the wheels down when you are traveling greater than 12 to 18 mph.

How does Retract-A-Trike work on a road that has an angle to it?

It depends on how great the angle. Retract-A-Trike will make the bike perpendicular to the road surface, but the Retract-A-Trike is very strong, you just have to learn to trust it and get used to the transition. In other words you do have to learn the skill. If the angle is too great, do not put them down. If you absolutely have to use them, you have to steer the bike (trike mode) as soon as the high side touches the road surface.

What happens when you bring the wheels up on an uneven surface?

First of all, never bring the wheels up in a turn. Always be moving in a straight line when raising the wheels. On an uneven surface you can raise the wheels 2 ways; 1) Put your feet down and raise the wheels at a stop before moving on. 2) Ride with the wheels down until the road levels out enough to raise them safely.

What happens if I accidentally put the switch down while I am riding? Will they go down?

No, they will not go down. An alarm will sound and the red light will begin to flash, warning the driver that the switch is in the wrong position. Then simply flip the switch back to the correct position and the alarm will stop and the lights will return to green only. Retract-A-Trike will only go down under approximately 12 to 18 mph.

What color does Retract-A-Trike come in?

The 1800 comes with a silver powder coated frame that matches the 1800 frame and fenders painted to match your bike. The 1500 kits are painted to match your bike. The standard colors are included in the cost, “Illusion” colors are extra.

Does Retract-A-Trike interfere with changing the rear tire?

On the 1500 when pulling out the rear axle, you should already have removed the left muffler bolt. Simply pry down on the cylinder frame about a half-inch and the axle slides out. The 1800 is easier because it’s one sided. Our system shouldn’t change the procedure at all.

Does Trike Alternatives accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept most credit cards.

How long does it take for delivery?

Normally 1-2 weeks depending on our work load.

Is Retract-A-Trike patented?


How is Retract-A-Trike different from Ghost Wheels and why is there a difference?

Retract-A-Trike can be raised or lowered where the Ghost Wheels stay on the ground. Both Retract-A-Trike and Ghost Wheels are designed as slow speed stabilization systems. The wheels are not designed to carry weight. Retract-A-Trike goes down a fixed amount; the onboard suspension adjustment of the Goldwing allows the driver to adjust for different loads. The Ghost Wheels lock wherever the bike sits so there is no need to make any adjustments for different loads.

NOTE: All specifications and other information are subject to change without notice

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