Considering a Trike Motorcycle?

Consider this: You drive a trike... you ride a motorcycle.

Wouldn't you rather keep the feeling of carving up the corners on your bike?

Three-wheeled Trike Motorcycles are often viewed as the only alternative for motorcyclists who cannot or do not want to balance and hold up a heavier motorcycle. With Ghost Wheels and Retract-a-trike, that's just not true!

But there are some things you should know before considering a trike.

  • You'll have to buy a $10-20k Motorcycle and add a $9k (or more) in a conversion kit.
  • OR - You'll have to buy a complete custom trike for around $20-30K.
  • A motorcycle gets better gas mileage than a trike.
  • Counter steering does not work on a Trike like it does a motorcycle
  • Few Trike drivers want to go fast in corners: Trikes will not lean over like a standard motorcycle.
  • Normally you have to slow a trike down in corners
  • You'll feel the bumps on trikes more
  • It takes more physical effort at the handlebars to steer 3 wheels
  • A trike will cost around 2X our price - or more.

Consider Ghost Wheels Instead

Ghost Wheels fit Harley, Honda Goldwing, BMW 1220 LT (and some models of Yamaha and Victory) motorcycles. Ghost Wheels allow you to ride that motorcycle the way it was meant to for about half the cost of a trike conversion on the very same bike.

Consider Retract-a-Trike Instead

Retract-a-Trike fits the Honda Goldwing 1500 and 1800 and is based on the concept of landing gear used for aircraft.