Motorcycle Collection

Our Motorcycle Collection

Trike Alternatives is ready to help you get on your bike and enjoy it the way you always have - as a two wheel vehicle so you can enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Trike Alternatives provides you options with our Retract-a-Trike system that allows for motorcycle landing wheels to be lifted while riding, and lowered when slowing or stopping. Our Ghost Wheels stay down, but move up and down with you as you maneuver your motorcycle around curves. Moving freely until you hit the switch and they lock giving you stability that is only needed at slow speeds.

Trike Alternatives was started by aircraft engineer David Willman in Daytona Beach Florida. David had trouble keeping his Honda Goldwing upright due to a leg brace from lingering weakness due to polio as a child.

Dave designed the retractable (Retract-a-Trike) wheels based on landing gear for aircraft. They are controlled by both electronics and hydraulics. The retractable wheels allowed Dave to have the full lean of his motorcycle when the wheels were up, and the stability of a trike when he needed it at stop signs and in slow traffic.

Motorcycle Collection

Part of our shop in Elk River, MN.

When Dave started riding around the Daytona area with his invention, people stopped him to find out where they could purchase the system to add to their motorcycles. Thus was born Trike Alternatives. Dave patented the system, then designed one for the large touring Harley Davidson bikes.

In 2003, Dave became ill and sold the company to Marvin and Jennifer Lorge. Marv and Jennifer moved the manufacturing to Minnesota. They hired a full time engineer to update all designs and drawings to the current bike frames. They did very limited advertising as "word of mouth" kept them busy.

Over the last few years, three-wheeled motorcycles or "trikes" have emerged as a growing market. However, many riders who purchased trikes often complained that they didn't realize how much they were giving up. Many were dissatisfied with the handling of the trike because they realized they could no longer "lean" their trikes through corners and that they sacrificed the two wheeled handling they once enjoyed. That's where Trike Alternatives comes in, we bring the experience of the open road on a two-wheeled bike back to those who otherwise would have been denied it.

Mini-Motorcycle Collection

We even collect model motorcycles!

In February 2011, Trike Alternatives was purchased by Mark Rothfork, an avid motorcycle enthusiast with years of experience on them, as well as in the powder coating, manufacturing and marketing sector. The entire facility was moved to nearby Elk River Minnesota, and as of this writing, a wide array of new products and innovations are in the works for Trike Alternatives. We invite you to tour our facility and find out for yourself why Trike Alternatives has the solution to your needs.